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I am a normal guy. I hit my mid-twenties while still living in Portland, Oregon.  I was born and raised in Portland, yet somehow managed to transplant myself to the middle of nowhere Iowa… Council Bluffs to be specific. I have spent the last 11 years building two distinct career paths.  By day, I am the average computer tech. I have done everything from tech support to hardware and software quality assurance. I am self taught in PHP and CSS development. By night, however, my more social nature comes out and I am The Security Guy. I have worked in some of the most amazing clubs and bars in down town Portland, but since coming to Iowa, I’ve become more tame and just work for the local casino.

Right now, I am working on building my network in the Midwest through various small businesses and blog projects. Most of my work is done in WordPress – I love all things WordPress, actually.  Having WordPress as my main platform, I can really dig in and find ways to make it do just what I want, rather than knowing lots of platforms but only little bits about each of them. I have also started to delve into the world of Internet marketing and SEO work.  I had to learn about SEO work to help with my own ventures, and have became proficient enough at it to start offering this service to my clients as well.

My goals are simple: be independent, work hard, and help people.  To meet those goals, I hope to have my own self-reliance and survivalist based business up and running. With that, I also hope to have some form of online-based training to help others find the right path for themselves. I want to work for myself full time, so that my attention is only divided between family and those I choose to support as clients. Working for a big company does have its benefits, but in the end it is not the path I want to pursue.

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